Oral History Interviewees

During 2013, Special Collections with the help of history student interns worked on collecting oral histories from people who lived and worked on 25th Street from World War II on.  Over the course of the project over 50 interviews were collected.


Aoki, Dave
Bingham, LG
Birch, Lue
Bradley, Evart
Buttschardt, Kym
Collman, Audrey
Crandall, Ralph
Eggleston, DeLoss
Fletcher, Floyd
Garside, Don
Gillespie, Bettye
Ichida, Shinji
James, Nellie
Johnson, Cliff
Kingsford, Deane
Korgenski, Marcy
Lane, Colleen
Layton, Dan
Liu, Joe
Loney, LaPriel
Love, Norma
Lucas, Frank
McQueen, Joe
Moore, Willie
Murphy, Edward
Nash, Michael
Nopper, Gene
Ogan, Flora
Petit, Joy & Kershaw, Gay
Prantil, Joseph
Roberts, Althea
Ross, Ron
Ryujin, Max
Serio, Dena
Schlosser, Mike
Simone, Ed
Spurlock, Steve and Margaret
Summerill, Van
Tanner, John
Vance, Jayeson
VanLeeuwen, Glen
VanLeeuwen, Scott
Vogel, Carla
Vondrus, Carrie
Watson, Nancie and Sorenson, Lonna
Yannacone, Frank
Young, Gary
Zenger, Eric

All interviews have become part of the historical record in Special Collections



Once the processing is completed, links will be added to digital access of the interviews